ATTENTION: DO NO register anymore and payout your campaign funds to your private bitcoin address. We are stopping to support this platform pretty soon. Thank you all for your support!


Sophisticated Campaign Pages

Designed with supporters and campaign creators in mind!


It was never so easy to receive funds and engage with your supporters. All in one place and as easy as it can get.

Easy Campaign Creation

Get started in a matter of seconds!


Comprehensive Overview

All Information at your fingertip!


An easy to use and intuitive campaign wizard gets you started in three steps.

  1. Choose your campaign type
  2. Provide basic information and choose optional services
  3. Confirm and publish with one click.

Keep track of your ongoing campaigns. All in one place and all information at your disposal. A good overview about what's going on is the first step towards making good and well informed decisions.


Closed Group Funding

You want to fund your next holiday, collect money for gifts or need resources for your idea? Start collecting money from your friends and family by creating and sharing a closed group campaign.

Public (Crowd)Funding

You have a big idea or need funding for your startup? Choose a public funding campaign and allow people all over the world to contribute.


Save money for a specific purpose.


Share it with your family and friends.


Receive money almost instantaneously.


Allow people from all over the world to contribute.

Collaborative Savings Account

Nothing is better than to work together towards a shared goal. Use collaborative funding and saving to bundle your resources. Not only you can manage your money together, but you can also socialize and discuss how the resources should be spent.

No Financial Institute

Create accounts with one click.


Add people to the collaborative account.

Partner Network


Bitcoin Developers Platform
Bitcoin data and payments made easy for developers, enterprises and service providers.

The first exchange service to use multi-signature and time lock transactions
Bitcoin platform including a safe hybrid bitcoin wallet and a peer-to-peer exchange service.

Hypercube Hypercube Studio

Explainers, Promos and Teasers.
Explain your idea to the world. Explanatories videos can significantly increase your reachability.

Want to be part of the btcfunding partner network? Please feel free to contact us under

Initiating or Participating

Participate & Support

No registration needed! You can support any public campaign, your friends and family members immediately. For financial support you need Bitcoin. If you have received an invitation you can immediately participate.

Create Campaign

After very short registration you can create your own campaigns, and that for free. No matter if you need a private or collaborative savings account, private or public funding, or any other type of financial service.

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